Randon's Top Priorities


Randon’s top priority is public safety.  As a mayor and councilman he has worked with his colleagues to help make Murrieta the 2nd safest city in America (based on FBI statistics). Randon has worked to provide the resources to both police and fire departments in order for them to maintain the level of service residents deserve.  His public safety agenda is simple:

•    Increase the number of officers in Murrieta.
•    Stop the early release of criminals.
•    Give local law enforcement the tools to keep our families safe.



As mayor and councilman, Randon and his colleagues have made Murrieta an economic engine that creates jobs for local residents.

Murrieta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Riverside County at 4.7%, which is 21% lower than the county rate of 5.9%.

Forbes named Murrieta the #1 post-recession “boom town” in America.

Randon has been a big proponent of the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Murrieta, the fastest built hospital in the history of California.  Randon believes strong economic development is imperative for job creation.  It is time to renew our focus on growing current businesses and bringing new jobs to Murrieta by cutting red tape and costly regulation.  As a city council member, Randon will:

•    Worked to bring international trade to Murrieta.
•    Implement a fast-track process for new businesses.
•    Champion the Murrieta Innovation Center and worked to attract more new and growing technology companies.



Randon moved his family to Murrieta because he wanted a strong community that shared his values.  After three flat tires in the first three months, he got frustrated by the lack of infrastructure and got involved in local government to make change.

•    Led the campaign and implemented an Infrastructure first policy.
•    Lobbied Congress to provide additional funds to improve interchanges located on the 215 and 15 highways within Murrieta.
•    Fought for California Oaks and I-15 Interchange.
•    Fought for Los Alamos and I-215 Interchange.
•    Fought for Los Alamos and I-15 Overpass.
•    Fought for Clinton Keith and I-215 Interchange.
•    Fought for Jackson Ynez connection between Murrieta and Temecula.
•    Fought for new Southbound off ramp on I-15.


Riverside County is comprised of a culturally, economically and historically diverse group of people, all of whom play a part in shaping the district and county.  These Native American communities play a vital role in our community.  From hospitality and entertainment to recreation and related activities, they are a very large employer providing much needed employment and economic benefit in the billions annually. From community support, charitable activities and government-to-government consultation, they are vital to many aspects of everyone living in the district. As a city councilman, Randon has committed to working closely with Riverside County’s Tribal Nations.

Most importantly Randon supports Tribal Sovereignty and believes working with all the Native American communities will be important to fostering the most mutually beneficial relationship.

•    Supports Tribal Sovereignty.
•    Fought for and continues to fight for preservations of Tribal Cultural Resources.
•    Under his leadership fought for Tribal participation in regional governmental bodies.


Randon has a proven record of fighting tax increases and fees.  As a council member Randon will continue to support the voter approved Proposition 13, “The People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation”, and Proposition 218, “The Right to Vote on Taxes Act”.  Because of the city’s fiscal conservative approach to spending Murrieta continues to have a balanced budget.

•    Fought for refinancing of Community Facilities Bonds that saves Murrieta residents roughly $21 million.
•    Created financial contingency reserve above and beyond normal 25% general fund reserve.
•    Voted against new fees on rental properties.
•    Worked with Board of Equalization Board Member Diane Harkey to promote education on Basic Sales and Use Tax.